Upgrading from trial license for ABBYY Vantage to commercial

If you have already installed ABBYY Vantage using trial license and now you want to upgrade it to commercial one, perform the following steps:

  1. Contact your ABBYY sales manager and request a master key.
  2. Go to the License Management Mode of ABBYY Vantage Skill Designer and click The platform is not activated (see here). Enter the master key in the corresponding field in the Platform activation window.
  3. Click Download Unlock Request. This downloads a .json file that is required to generate a license.
  4. Send the received .json file to your ABBYY Vantage sales manager. In response, the sales manager sends you an activation file (also .json) and LicensePack.msi.
  5. Run the received .msi file. Nothing will happen or maybe you will notice that a small dialog box appeared and closed quickly.
  6. Perform the steps 6-8 described in the Using commercial license scenario.

If after performing these actions you encounter any problems, please contact your ABBYY sales manager.

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