Remote User licensing in FineReader PDF 15


Remote User license type is assigned for a specific user. It can be used by users on any workstation which has access to ABBYY FineReader 15 License Server.

This type of licenses is recommended for infrastructures where one user can establish connection to different workstations.


After the program is installed on workstations, system administrator activates licenses in ABBYY FineReader 15 License Manager and creates groups of users that have access to this licenses. After that the administrator can reserve Remote User licenses for certain users.


ABBYY FineReader 15 connects to ABBYY FineReader 15 License Server if the connection of the workstation and the server was established during the installation process.

User identification is realised through Windows credentials (login should be typed in in form of DOMAIN\UserName).

When ABBYY FineReader 15 is launched, the workstation receives a reserved Remote User license or the first license from a reserved pool on the License Server.

If the user assigned for one license needs to be changed to a different one, current reservation can be cancelled in ABBYY FineReader 15 License Manager.

Detailed information can be found in FineReader License Manager guide after installation.

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