Connecting to Salesforce as a Data Source

Connecting ABBYY Timeline To Salesforce

Salesforce does not require any setup, as long as you have an API-enabled account with Salesforce. You will be prompted to login into your account in the usual way.

As for the tables and fields that the connector is pulling from by default, you can see those below:

  • OpportunityFieldHistory: OpportunityId, CreatedDate, Field, Opportunity.Name, OldValue, NewValue
  • OpportunityHistory: OpportunityId, CreatedDate, StageName, Opportunity.Name, Amount, ExpectedRevenue, CloseDate, Probability
  • Task: ActivityDate, LastModifiedDate, What.Name, What.Type, Description, TaskSubtype
  • Event: ActivityDate, LastModifiedDate, What.Name, What.Type, Description, EventSubtype
  • Opportunity: Id, Name, AccountId, CreatedDate, CloseDate

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