Transpose Operation

The Value Column Name & Label Column Name fields allow you to name the 2 new fields which will be created once the Transpose operation is executed. 

Value Column Name will be the name of the new field which will include all of the values out of the transposed columns – in most all cases this will be timestamp data, so it is named as such below.  The Label Column Name will be the name of the new field which will include the field headers for the columns which will be transposed.  These will most typically be the event names (ex. Invoice Entry Start, Invoice Entry End etc.) and will contain the values entered into the Value of label field below.

The Produce from fields allows you to select which fields you want to transpose, and the value column allows you to give them descriptive event names.  The example below represents patient transfer data from a hospital, and you can see there are 5 fields with timestamps in them corresponding to the 5 possible events in any transfer.  This created the 2 new columns and inserted into them all timestamps from the 5 fields and corresponding event names respectively so that the 2 new fields could be used for mapping into a project.


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