What is a Timeline?


A timeline is just the history of a process instance. It is the history of a sales order, an invoice, an insurance claim, a service ticket, or a specific process over time. A timeline simply consists of events which state that something happened to this “thing” at a specific time.

ABBYY Timeline employs an exciting new patent-pending approach to process intelligence called Timeline Analysis which allows users to load events from a variety of systems and in different formats which it then automatically organizes into its corresponding process instances and allows them to be analyzed with a variety of visualization, discovery and query techniques. ABBYY Timeline accepts event data from any number of systems of record and automatically reconstructs the underlying business process logic behind the data. A variety of pre-built analyses are ready to quantify your process performance, identify your process execution issues and perform root cause analysis. The ABBYY Timeline platform also supports operational monitoring through its continuous assessment of new event data to determine if any adverse conditions occur and can immediately notify you or other business operations personnel so you can act.

The ABBYY Timeline engine consumes data from a variety of sources to detect and present detailed views of your business processes. This is often the same exact data being used today for other simpler analyses. This new insight is delivered via a variety of new process and timeline visualization tools developed to not only make these new insights easier to understand but also to allow users to manipulate the information to gain a deeper understanding of those processes. Users armed with this insight have concrete facts on which to take actions to improve operational efficiency by promoting clearly superior best practices and eliminating costly inefficiencies that previously went undetected.

Using advanced algorithms, ABBYY Timeline extracts and reads the time stamps used to record specific events along your processes. The software then visually models these time stamps in such a way that you can instantly identify deviations from an ideal process flow – to find the root cause of a problem that may be costing your business money.

ABBYY Timeline is aimed for use by anyone involved in business process improvements of any type of scale or nature.


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