The dashboard feature provides at-a-glance views of KPIs (key performance indicators) relevant to a particular objective or business process (e.g. sales, marketing, human resources, or production). ABBYY Timeline dashboards are typically displaying custom metrics and can be used to drill in further on individual timelines.

The dashboard is just about 100% customize-able: the user can pick the number of row and columns of custom metrics.


Unlike a typical Business Intelligence dashboards that would for example show numbers related to productivity, such as number of parts manufactured, claims processed or number of patients admitted or the point in time of the process; the ABBYY Timeline dashboard displays the entire history of a process instance, allowing users to drill into problem areas and identify process inefficiencies and bottlenecks. These ABBYY Timeline strategic dashboards support managers at numerous levels of an organization, and provide the quick overview that decision makers need to monitor the health and opportunities of the business.

Types of Custom Metrics

List of Custom Metrics


The metrics which could be calculated using the existing data.
It includes two types of metrics: counts and time intervals between specific steps. The count could be of the timelines in a set or the number of specific protocol violations, also from the specific set. The interval metric specifies the pair of activities and calculates the time between them.


The next type of custom metric is derived from supporting data files, which contain the information complimentary to the timelines. For example, a file could have columns: Activity, Attribute, and Cost so every record has the costs of the given activity with particular attribute value. Then the metrics could be defined as a cost of the whole timeline as a sum of all costs of its activities.

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