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Sections in ABBYY Timeline that can be hidden


Generally, the ABBYY Timeline app displays all of these elements, but there’s an option to hide these parts of the application for an embedded view. These elements can be hidden on all views, with the exception of the Account and Repository views, where the left bar cannot be hidden.

Non-embedded view


In order to disable (hide) the top menu on the page append ?embedded at the end of the URL

e.g.: https://online.timelinepi.com/#/project/XXXX/overview?embedded

In order to hide the left menu, right menu or the top bar the embedded option can be extended with the following values:

  • noleftmenu
  • norightmenu
  • notopbar
  • the combination of the 3 above
    • The noleftmenu, norightmenu and notopbar options can be combined to hide several of the elements at the same time, by listing multiple options separated by commas.


  • ?embedded=notopbar,noleftmenu,norightmenu
  • ?embedded=notopbar,norightmenu
  • ?embedded=notopbar,noleftmenu


Hides left/right menu and topbar, topmenu


hides the left menu and topbar, topmenu


hides the left menu and topbar, topmenu after the user logs in


These options work across the whole app, no matter the view, all you need to do is append the ?embedded[=optionList] at the end of the url.

Embedding ABBYY Timeline in a Web Application

To embed ABBYY Timeline in a web application use the following code snippet:

<iframe src=”https://online.timelinepi.com/#/login?embedded=noleftmenu”>

This will hide the top menu and the left menu after login, but you could use any of the embedding options from above.

To display a certain view e.g.: dashboard, use the URL of the view in the iframe

<iframe src=”https://online.timelinepi.com/#/project/XXXX/dashboard/XXXX?embedded”>


A swimlane view with no menus


A swimlane view with only the right menu (if they want to navigate in the app)


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