Metric History

Main Use

The Metric History tool can be used to visualize any metric over time on how it changes during that period.


List of Metrics

The dropdown list has options:
  • Count of timelines
  • Duration
  • Activities per timeline
  • Unique activities per timeline
  • Time gap between activities
  • Custom time gap

The user can select a specific date range to analyze by typing in the ranges, or by moving the range slider on the metric history graph.


As the user further scopes their analysis a filter can be set to drill in on those specific timelines.

Items 2-5 are the standard metrics. Option 1 is just the number of timelines.
Option 6 is brings up the same top part of the Interval Measurement panel allowing user to specify start and end of the interval and the options. Then the panel is dismissed and the dropdown area shows text “ – ”.



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