Migrating workflows and patterns from Recognition Server 4 to FineReader Server 14

If you need to migrate settings and workflows from Recognition Server 4 to FineReader Server 14 note that not all patterns will be transferred automatically.
These patterns are located in RecognitionServer 4 folders:
(path by default) %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\ABBYY Recognition Server 4.0\RS4WF\Binaries\
Pattern files will have original names with GUID added to the extension.
For example: pattern_06.ptn{D6E48125-3BB2-4477-AF4C-25F7635CE601}
To migrate these files to FineReader Server 14 copy them to the corresponding folder:
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0\FRSWF\Binaries
You could also delete the GUID from the extension and add the patterns to workflows in the Administration Console.
Note that extensions of *.fbt files need to be changed to *.ptn.
For example:
file pattern_06.fbt{D6E48125-3BB2-4477-AF4C-25F7635CE601} needs to be renamed to pattern_06.ptn

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