How to make mobile apps with our SDK lighter.

If you are interested in providing the client with maximum efficient applications, you need to make your applications lighter. To debug and distribute apps that use MC SDK or RTR SDK we do not need all the files. For example minimum weight for different distributed apps:


Step-by-step guide

The guide will explain what files we may delete without damaging the CoreAPI-sample project designed to proceed files from memory and recognize English text without additional features such as Business Cards Recognition and MRZ Recognition.

  • Open the DevelopersGuide > Distribution Kit. In the second table, you can find what files you need.
  • From the libs folder, we will need:
    1. MobileOCR.framework
    2. AbbyyRtrSDK.framework
    3. AbbyyZlib.framework
    4. CustomAllocator.framework
    5. FineMachineLearning.framework (Also FineMachineLearningExt.framework if you have it)
    6. FineObj.framework
    7. Image.Services.Core.framework
  • From the assets/dictionaries folder, we will need English.edc.
  • From the assets/patterns folder, we will need:
    1. FindText.rom
    2. CropClassifierPhoto.imodel
    3. European.rom
  • From the assets/bcr folder, we won't need anything in this case.
  • From the assets/translation folder, we won't need anything in this case.
  • From the assets folder, we will need also
  • From the scenariosdatacapture/assets/patterns folder we won't need anything in this case.
  • From the notice folder, we will need all the files.

After all steps we will have a project folder that weights 28MB for iOS, after archiving the resulting app will be even smaller.


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  • Avatar
    Javier Sucunza

    Hi Mihail,

    Our scenario is to use Mobile Web Capture in only Image Capture option.

    We have deleted all dictionaries and patterns because we understand that we do not need them.

    We don't know which library files to remove, because in the DevelopersGuide> Distribution Kit document, it does not specify it.

    could you help us?

    For iOS:

    We have remove this files from the libs folder:




    And seems work well but we do not know if it is affecting any option that we cannot verify like image quality.. etc.

    Even that, our app grew from 43Mb to 70Mb.
    We would like it to be lighter.

    For Android:

    we have also removed all dictionaries and patterns and we have only left the library files.
    Here is even more difficult to us because the .aar lib file that we have already is 60Mg size.

    May is it required to use “App Bundles” instead of .apks?

    I hope you clarify these things for us.
    Thanks in advance.






  • Avatar
    Viacheslav Prodan

    Dear Javier.

    I created a request on your behalf that our staff could answer you inside the ticket.


    Best regards,

    Viacheslav Prodan


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