Document pages are not rotated in FlexiCapture Engine 12

If you notice document pages haven't been rotated after processing them in FlexiCapture Engine 12, check the following prerequisites:

When you're setting up your project in FlexiCapture 12 you can select Page Rotation in three different places:

  1. Project properties ( Project → Project Properties... → Recognition → Advanced )
  2. Batch properties ( Project → Batch Types... → Choose a batch → Recognition → Advanced )
  3. Document Definition properties ( Project → Document Definitions... → Choose a Document Definition → Document Definition → Document Definition Properties → Recognition → Advanced )

By default, the properties of the Document Definition are used. Thus, Page Rotation will be ignored if you have it enabled in either Project or Batch properties and disabled in Document Definition's.

To get through this you can:

  • Enable Page Rotation in the Document Definition level
  • Fill "Prefer settings from batch type" checkbox in the Recognition tab of Document Definition properties.

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