How to use FineReader Engine 12 for Linux on Docker using the Online license

This scenario assumes that each running instance of the container directly uses the Online license, without intermediate licensing server.

Please note that there may be noticeable delay at start and stop phases. For this reason, it is recommended that within a single launch the container works at least 5-10 minutes.

To use the FineReader Engine 12 with the Online license, please conduct following steps:
1) install docker on your machine (;
2) install FineReader Engine 12 for Linux on your machine
3) prepare your application and make sure it works;
4) in the “RUN” phase of the Dockerfile, please do followig:
- copy files of your application;
- copy files of the FREngine (in this article - into ./fre12 folder);
- do not run
5) in the “CMD” phase of the Dockerfile, before running your application,please install and run the licensing service as follows:
- echo "Installing and launching licensing service"
- export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./fre12/Bin
- cd fre12
- ./ < ../af_ans.txt
- cd ..
- answer file is attached;

6) in the same script in the “CMD” phase, please launch your application that uses the FREngine.

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