How you can use FRE12 for Linux on Docker with online license

This scenario assumes that:
- each running instance of the container directly uses online license, without intermediate licensing server;
- there may be noticeable delay at start and stop phases, so, within single launch it is recommended that the container works at least 5-10 minutes.

To use FREngine 12 with online license please do the following:
1) install docker on your machine (;
2) install FRE12 on your machine (;
3) prepare your application and make sure it works;
4) in the “RUN” phase of Dockerfile please:
- copy files of your application;
- copy files of the FREngine (in this article - into ./fre12 folder);
- do not run
5) in the “CMD” phase of Dockerfile please, before running your application, install and run licensing service as follows:
echo "Installing and launching licensing service"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./fre12/Bin
cd fre12
./ < ../af_ans.txt
cd ..
answer file is attached;

6) in the same script in “CMD” phase please launch your application that uses the FREngine.

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