How to set up Folder Actions for FineReader Pro on macOS 10.15

As described in the article macOS 10.15 does not let FineReader actions to be launched in Automator. But Folder Action will work if you set up it as described below:

  1. Create a folder where files you want to OCR will be located.
  2. Launch Automator.
  3. Select Folder Action as a document type.
  4. Create a workflow with FineReader actions from Automator Documents library.
  5. Select the input folder and set other settings for the workflow.
    Note: It is possible to replace original file with the OCRed one. Select the corresponding option in a workflow.
  6. Save the workflow clicking onto File > Save...
  7. Go to the input folder, right-click onto it and select Services > Folder Action Setup...
  8. Click on Run Service button.
  9. Select Enable Folder Action option.
  10. Close this window.
  11. Put file for OCR into the input folder.

In case if files in the input folder are not processing, please check the following security and privacy settings:

  1. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy.
  2. Select Files and Folders.
  3. Under FolderActionsDispatcher enable your Folder Action location. 
    You can also provide access to full disc using Full Disk Access above Files and Folders.
  4. Under FineReader both Download and Documents folders should be enabled if you would like to use them.
  5. Select Automation.
  6. Enable FineReader for Automator, Automator Installer, FolderActionsDispatcher, Finder.

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  • Avatar

    Steve Urich

    1. Create a workflow with FineReader actions from Documents library.

    I do not understand what this is saying...

    FineReader Documents library, MAC Documents Library, Automator Documents Library

  • Avatar

    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your comment! I`ve added information to the instruction. This is Aumomator library > Documents.



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