Why cannot I use\find BookScanner application?

In December 2019 ABBYY announces the end of life of the BookScanner iOS app. This app was created as an answer to a quite specific need, for the use cases related to research and education. 

The main ABBYY product for text scanning - FineScanner AI. It was decided not to support two apps with similar functionality and to make the FineScanner the only app that can be used for scanning both books and documents. 

Besides book scanning functionality with FineScanner AI users will benefit from:

  • AI-powered gallery sorting that suggests images with text for scanning.
  • Powerful OCR for 193 languages.
  • Fast on-device text recognition without the use of the Internet. 
  • Automatization of document management with Siri Shortcuts.

The following schedule applies to the End of Sale and End of Support for ABBYY BookScanner iOS:

  • End of Sale – 30 December 2019
  • End of Support – 30 December 2020

The existing users who have purchased the version of BookScanner iOS will be supplied with the free premium lifetime promo code for FineScanner iOS. To get it, please, contact ABBYY mobile support at mobile_support@abbyy.com with the BookScanner purchase confirmation and receive the free premium lifetime promo code for FineScanner AI.


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