ABBYY FineReader <edition>.pkg cannot be opened


When trying to install the FineReader %edition% program downloaded not from Mac App Store, the following warning message appears:

"ABBYY FineReader <edition>.pkg" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.


Due to the macOS security policy, the downloading of third-party applications may be restricted. This happens if the application is downloaded from any other source, except the Mac App Store. 


1. Go to System Preferences > Security&Privacy.

2. Select the option "Mac App Store and identified developers" for apps downloading:

3. Try to install the program anew.

4. If the issue is still actual, select the option Anywhere (or Mac App Store and identified developers) for applications downloading and start the installation again. 

Please note, if the system asks you whether the installation file should be opened or not, select Open anyway and continue the installation. 

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