Fonts aren't applied into the exported PDF file on macOS Catalina


On mac OS X 10.15 Catalina fonts are rendered wrongly (for example, all letters are replaced with 0) in export file after processing document with FREngine 12 Mac. 


Such behavior can occur because of Apple update. Now it is necessary to specify path to folder with fonts for FREngine or install default fonts locally for user, which could be found in "/System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental". Both solutions are described below:


Installing default fonts via Font Book:

  1. Open application Font Book, which can be found via search.
  2. Font Book -> Preferences ->Default install location->Computer
  3. Then, in toolbar press + or File->Add fonts
  4. Choose folder "/System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental" and press Open
  5. Fonts will install after the password.

Installing default fonts copy folder with fonts:

Just copy fonts from "/System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental" to "/Library/Fonts"

Specify path to font's folder for FREngine:

 FREngine::customFontSet->put_Folder( L"/System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental" )

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