FineReader Server only processes the first of several files with identical names on an FTP server

When images with identical names are downloaded from a source such as a folder on an FTP server, images that were processed earlier appear in the output folder instead of images that were supposed to be processed.

Example: A folder on an FTP server contains a file with the name Test.tiff (a scan of an invoice). This image is processed by FineReader Server 14. Then, another image with the name Test.tiff (this time a scan of a contract) is placed into the same folder. When processing completes, there are two recognized scans of the invoice in the output folder.

This problem may be caused by caching on the FTP server. Caching can prevent a file from being stored on the server if it has the same name as an existing file or a file that existed on the server at an earlier point in time. 

We recommend one of the following solutions:

  1. Changing the caching settings of the FTP server.
  2. Using unique file names for all files stored on the FTP server. 

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