Error message that file contains an invalid path

The log of Recognition Server contains the following message:
"OCR-processor: C:\ProgramData\ABBYY Recognition Server 4.0\RS4WF\Images\<...>\_Name_of_the_file .<ext> contains an invalid path". 

This message appears when the path to a file that needs to be processed exceeds the maximum allowed length in Windows. The length of the path cannot exceed 256 symbols. 

Follow the instructions below to resolve this issue.

  1. Copy the address that is causing this error into the address bar of Windows Explorer.
  2. Take the file from the temporary folder.

We recommend using shorter file names to avoid this kind of situation. 

If the specifics of your project do not allow you to shorten file names, you can try shortening the path to the folders of Recognition Server 4.0. To know how to do this, please, read the article How to change the path to the temporary folders of FineReader Server 14

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