How to deactivate Per Seat license if local installation was performed


How to deactivate Per Seat license if the local installation was performed (for serial numbers with multiple licenses)?


Provide in the ticket request for ABBYY Customer support team with the license index number or workstation name, where the license was activated previously, and the product's serial number.  

To see the license ID number on the workstation please do the following:

  1. Open the menu Help > About > License info
  2. In the Support ID parameter, you can see the index number after a slash symbol ("/"). Provide this ID number to support by submitting a support ticket.

If on the previous workstation the product is unavailable or you cannot provide the workstation name where the product was activated previously, you could check all workstations and their license ID numbers (as described above). The support representative will be able to deactivate all unused licenses.

Note: If you move a locally installed Per Seat license to a new workstation (for serial numbers with multiple licenses) we recommend submitting a support ticket.

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Where can I find the workstation name? 

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