How to export data from FC Cloud project to the local machine using FC Connect

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the project in Project Setup Station and make sure that:
    a) Project -> Project Properties -> General tab -> Export root path should be blank!
  2. b) Your project export setting contains the relative path, e.g. “/Export”
  3. Download the ABBYY Cloud Sync Tool (download ) and install it
  4. Stop the “ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud Sync” service
  5. Open “C:\Program Files (x86)\ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud Sync\config.json” and edit it as shown below:
     "url": "",
     "tenant": "your_tenant_name",
     "user": “your_user_name",
     "password": "your_password",
     "projects": [
         "name": "Your project’s name",
         "export": {
           "directory": "C:\\CloudSync\\Export",  # export path
           "period": "00:01:00"  # it will update every 1 minute
  6. Now all the export will be first performed on Application Server (which is hosted by ABBYY) and every minute Cloud Sync Tool will grab the data onto the machine where the service is running. Enjoy.Save the config and start the service.
  7. *(optional) You can test the tool before you started the service by running Abbyy.FlexiCapture.HotFolder.exe, the terminal with showing all the processes and errors, which is very useful.

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  • Avatar
    Paul Kim

    Hey Maksym, is there something different that has to be done when attempting to create an XML via custom script?  I can see that the path is created in my C# script and when testing locally, the xml file is created, but when using the cloud, the path is created but not the file.  In some cases, the file is created then it disappears which makes me believe FC Connect is some how replacing the file/deleting the file.

  • Avatar
    Viacheslav Prodan

    Dear Paul.

    I will create a request on your behalf so that our customer support team can help you.



    Viacheslav Prodan


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