How to use Cloud OCR SDK with Postman

 Quick start guide on how to use CLOUD OCR SDK to recognize a simple image and get a result. 
First, you need to register on
On the main page press the “ADD NEW APPLICATION” button and create a new application. 
Once, the application is created, the application password will be generated automatically and send to your email. 
Note! That your account password and each application password are different, and not linked with each other! 
Next download Postman in order to send requests to the Cloud OCR SDK. 
To process some images, we need to send it to the server first, and apply the required settings: 
1) Open Postman 

2) Create a new Tab: 


2) Choose “Post” request 

3)  Paste the processing URL, which can be found on 

Add the method at the end of URL – processImage in our case. 

(All methods can be found here 
Also, add some Parameters for recognition: 
language: English, French 


Attach the image, that will be sent. 

Note, that you must choose “File” as shown in the screenshot below!   
                                                   Screenshot example: 

4) Go to Authorization tab and input your personal application id into the "Username" field, and password from the current application into the "Password" field, as shown: 

5) Press Send and after copy taskId: 


The pink arrow points out to the result status, which is OK in our case. 

Now we need to get results from the task: 
1) Create a new Tab and select “GET” request. 

2) Input GET request - (as example) 

3) Open the Authorization tab and insert the same credentials. 

4) Open Params tab and add key “taskId” and it’s value in the corresponding field, which you received from the previous request. 

5) Click “Send”                                                         Screenshot example: 


As a result, you obtain a link to download the result. 
Copy and Paste it into your browser. The result will be downloaded automatically. 

Note!!! The result link may contain one or several & blocks. Delete all amp; but leave &, otherwise download link won’t work! 


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