How to process Samples via Demo app on Cloud REST API Portal

FlexiCapture Cloud REST API portal is used for advanced DataCapture based on predefined customizable projects running in the background. Demo Application (accessible upon account registration) utilizes the settings of the designated project running in the ABBYY Cloud allowing you to process documents of several types(Invoices\Letters\Contracts\Forms). Sample Images are available for Demo purposes.  

If you would like to see how FlexiCapture Cloud performs with your own documents please request a Trial from the Documents page of your account (since the Demo app will perform with the Samples mentioned above only)

Step-by-step guide

There are 3 ways of processing via the Demo App 

  1. From Document Capture tab.
    Click on the provided sample document and follow simple instructions.
  2. From the API Quick start guide tab.
    You need to download Example Images first. (link is located at the bottom of the page). Here you will be able to see some developer's info while processing documents.
  3. From the API description tab.
    Here you will be able to see full API calls and responses. You will need to download Example Images from the Quick start guide tab first

For basic Demo please make sure you went through at least 3 API steps:

  1. Uploading the file
  2. Run a universal DataCapture task
  3. Get task info by task ID

If none of the above works for you, please, contact the Technical support service and submit your request.

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