Site Performance Report description + Page Counter change

System Administrator can use reports to assess the performance of ABBYY FlexiCapture or an individual tenant.  To do so, please log in to Admin&Monitoring Console and switch to Report tab.

Site Performance Report columns description

Performance (pages per month) - This is a total amount of Processed pages(the cases when pages\docs will not trigger the page counter to change will be listed below);

Input performance (pages per month) - the number of pages loaded into the program (this number doesn't include the documents\pages loaded and recognized directly via Project Setup Station or sent for Re-recognition(e.g. from Verification station) );

Automatic processing performance (pages per month) - the number of pages that were processed automatically(without interference from a FlexiCapture user);

Manual processing performance (pages per month) - the number of pages that were processed manually. The difference here is for example when the page is recognized by Operator\User clicking the Recognize\Re-Recognize button on the station.

Please see the cases which won't trigger the page counter change:
1. Input PDF has a text layer;
2. Processing mode is set to Text and pictures (Don't Extract Text from Pictures);
3. PDF processing mode is set to Always use text in PDF file;
4. Delete blank pages option is not checked;
5. No verification and no indexing is performed;
6. The output file is a regular PDF (not PDF/A).

If none of the above works for you, please, contact Customer support service and submit your request.


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