How to start using the Online license with ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 for Linux


Is there a guide for Online license usage for FineReader Engine 12 for Linux?


  1. To install the ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 for Linux, run the self-extracting archive file from the command line:fre12_linux_installation_001.pngTips
    • You can run the archive file without any parameters. The installation will run in an interactive mode and you will be prompted to enter the necessary information during the installation. You can as well run the archive file with certain options. For more details please refer to the User Guide of the product - select the chapter 'Distribution'.
    • The installation of the licensing service and the license activation require ROOT rights.
    • We recommend to run the installation of the FineReader Engine under ROOT user.
    • To change the current user to the ROOT, use the command 'su root' (if you have a password of the ROOT) or the command 'sudo su' (the password of the current user is required).
  2. Read and accept the End User License Agreement (EULA):fre12_linux_installation_03.png

  3. Continue the installation by entering 'y': fre12_linux_installation_04.png

  4. Specify the installation folder for the FineReader Engine 12:

    If you want to use the default folder, which is /opt/ABBYY/FREngine12, enter 'y', if you want to use a different folder, enter 'n' and specify your own directory. In this guide we are using the default directory.
  5. Specify the installation type:   fre12_linux_installation_07.png

  6. Specify the activation type. For the Online license, select the Local Server:fre12_linux_installation_08.png

  7. Set the license parameters:
    • Enter the Project ID:
    • Enter 'y' and set the required parameters (password and path to the activation token file):


8. Choose the option for the licensing service to install:


Note: The option 2) may be useful, if the Licensing Service was already installed on the machine before and you do not need to install it again (just want to run it).

  • After this is done you can run any sample from the Code Samples folder. Don't forget to specify the environmental variable.
  • *If you already have FineReader Engine installed, you can simply run from the FREngine12 folder and do the steps 6-9 from this guide.mceclip2.png

Read more about the Online License.


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