Invoice Total Field is highlighted as uncertain


During the Verification, the Total field of the Invoice document is populated with the correct value but still underlined in red (highlighted as uncertain).


The underline indicates that the field should be checked by the Verification operator. If Requires verification is checked in the field's properties, the underscore (highlight) appears in case the field confidence level is low. 


You can control the behavior inside the field Properties > Verification:


The reasons why the value inside Total may be considered to have low confidence:

  1. There are no tax amounts.
  2. FlexiCapture failed to confirm the field by 2 keywords - total and totalnetto. It was confirmed only by total.
  3. There is only one separate amount before taxes (nettovalue). If there were at least 2, FlexiCapture considered the field as certain.

Reasons why this value was selected:

  • Both total and totalnetto keywords were found.
  • The amount is confirmed by the total keyword.
  • Geometrical relations are satisfied.
  • The amount has more than 1 digit.
  • There is no bigger amount, which is confirmed by the total keyword.

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