How to check the Project ID in FineReader Engine 12 for Linux


How can I see the Project ID of my current license?


Here is what you should do to check that parameter:

1. Run the under the root user:

user@ubuntu:/opt/ABBYY/FREngine12$ sudo ./

ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 activation script
Configuration file already exists. 
1) Reconfigure service, manage licenses and set up samples
2) Manage licenses
3) Exit

2. Select the second option and the new menu window will open:
#? 2

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  ABBYY SDK 12 - License Manager


  Activate license                                                            

3. Here, the SWRT-1201-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX license serial number will be highlighted and you will need to press the Enter button. You will see another menu, where you will need to select the License parameters and the Project ID  will be there.


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