How to implement SSO for FlexiCapture Cloud ?


If you want to use a third-party Identity Provider to authenticate your users you have an option to implement Single-Sign-On for your FlexiCapture Cloud. All you need to do is collecting the required information and pass it to our support team. More detailed below. 

What needs to be collected:

  1. The URL of your FlexiCapture Cloud region and your tenant name
    Example: "" 
    where "Maksym_Test" is your tenant name. 
  2. The public key certificate
    Can be download from your Identity Provider SAML Configuration page, we are excepting to get the Base64 certificate. 
  3. The login URL
    Also can be found on your Identity Provider SAML Configuration page.
  4. The image for the new "Log in with…" button
    An image your users will see on the authentication page. (images in *.svg, *.jpg, and *.png
    formats are supported)

  5. The name of the external identity for the "Log in with…" button
    A name of authentication that your users will see.

When everything from the list is collected just create a new support ticket and send the files and information. We will then notify you when the SSO will be implemented. 


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