How to process password-protected PDF files in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12


How to process password-protected PDF files in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12?


In ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 it is impossible to import the password-protected PDF files through the Hot Folder (Mail Server or Local\LAN Folder).

However, on the manual load of the password-protected PDF files using the Project Setup Station, it will ask to input the password, and after that, the image will be added to the batch:

If a PDF file is not protected from printing, it is also possible to print it as a not-protected PDF before processing. This will delete the password protection from the PDF alongside other metadata, but FlexiCapture will be able to process it.

To automate it:

  1. Set up a HotFolder and populate it with several PDFs, with or without password protection.
  2. Normal PDFs will be processed normally and password-protected PDFs will go to the Exceptions folder.
  3. User can now navigate to the Exceptions folder, Right-Click on files, and choose Print (as PDF).
  4. Rename the files and save them to the HotFolder.

Described actions (printing of the files in the Exceptions folder) can be automated using Windows Task Scheduler.

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    Danika Dahl

    Hello, is there any better way of processing protected emails and/ or protected PDFs? 

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    Anton Vakhtel

    Hi Danika,

    The password input will be required anyway when importing the password-protected PDFs in FlexiCapture. There is no way to input password during the automatic import, so the password-protected files will go to the exceptions folder. I think that printing out the files in the exceptions folder is the best option as it can be automated.


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    Mark Maron

    Hi Anton,

    Is it possible to implement the solution given in How to rout password-protected documents in FlexiCapture Cloud – Help Center ( for an on premise installation?

    Whenever a password-protected document is imported from the hotfolder, it is immediately moved to the exceptions folder and the batch is deleted. Being able to trap the error and move the document to a custom stage would be very helpful.


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    Anton Vakhtel

    Mark Maron Hi,

    It doesn't make the documents possible to process, nor it imports the documents to FlexiCapture (it actually creates an empty document with 0 pages as the result). But yes, it is possible with Release 4 and email import only.



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