User patterns are not displayed in the pattern editor after training in FineReader


User patterns are not displayed in the Pattern Editor after the training process in FineReader.


  1. The specific name was not assigned to the created pattern and the pattern was named as Default.
  2. The pattern is not chosen as active.
  3. Training mode was turned off during the recognition.


If there are no characters displayed in the Pattern Editor after the user pattern training, it is recommended to make sure that all steps from the instructions below are completed.

To train a new user pattern, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a New pattern with a unique name: in the OCR Editor, go to the menu Tools > Options > OCR > Pattern Editor... > New... > Insert a pattern name > Click OK.mceclip0.png
  2. Ensure that the pattern is active: choose the pattern in the Pattern Editor window > Click Set Active button) > Click OK to save settings.
  3. Begin the training process with the option Use training to recognize new characters and ligatures turned on.
  4. The pattern, that just was trained, can be saved by pressing Save Patterns and Languages button.mceclip2.png

Note: If a new pattern isn't created before training as described in steps 1-2, all changes will be applied to the Default pattern.

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