Internal program error on creating Engine object : src\GlobalObjects.cpp, 226 in FineReader Engine 12


"src\GlobalObjects.cpp, 226" error is occurs during the Engine initialization.


The Internal Program Error on creating Engine object : src\GlobalObjects.cpp, 226 may occur when you do not explicitly specify all of the parameters in the InitializeEngine method call.

For example, if you use the following line of code in your application:

Engine = engineLoader.InitializeEngine( "rSKZZG5TRH3hFTPjyTfB");

you may get this error.


In order to resolve this issue, you need to explicitly set all of the parameters:

Engine = engineLoader.InitializeEngine( "rSKZZG5TRH3hFTPjyTfB", "", "", "", "", false );

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    Hasmukh Ginoya


    I have specified all the required data here.

    Engine.InitializeEngine(abbyDataPath, "KeyData", abbyDataPath.concat("\\.locallicense"), "Data", "", "", false);


    Although received this error.

    Internal program error: Src\DocumentObjectsConflictsResolver.cpp, 3127.

    Can you please guide me on this , where i should look into it to resolve this ?

    I have task that is continuous get OCR text from the jpeg image , so while running it randomly i got the above error.


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