How to detect document language using FineReader Engine

To detect languages present in a document or in a single page of a document set multiple recognition languages using the SetPredefinedTextLanguage Method and use the LanguageDetectionMode Property of the RecognizerParams Object. The detected languages are stored in the DetectedLanguages Property of the FRDocument Object and the FRPage Object.

This collection is only available after recognition with the automatic language detection on.

Note: DetectedLanguages will contain only languages previously specified by SetPredefinedTextLanguage Method. Languages in the collection are sorted by the frequency of occurrence: from the most frequently occurred to the least.

For more information please refer to the following articles of the Developer's Help respectively:

  • SetPredefinedTextLanguage Method of the RecognizerParams Object
  • RecognizerParams Object (IRecognizerParams Interface)
  • FRDocument Object (IFRDocument Interface) 
  • FRPage Object (IFRPage Interface) 

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    Prabhakaran Subramanian

    Is there an API for this to run this on Finereader Cloud SDK?

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    Nikolai Kromm


    For Cloud OCR SDK, you can set several language names separated with commas, for example "English,French,German".

    You can view the name of the language, which has been used for recognition via the lang attribute of the formatting (FormattingType) tag for xml output.

    For more detailed information please refer to the Output XML document article.


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