How to update batch priority based on some document value.


How to update batch priority based on some document value.


If batch priority should be updated based on some field value in the document, you may use this scenario:

  • Enable the Index field option in the Vendor name field:
  • Add a custom stage of Batch processing type after the Recognition stage and use the following FleixCapture objects there:
    System.IO.File.WriteAllText(@<path to the log file, if needed>);
    string logEntry = "";
    try {
    if(Documents[0].IndexedItemValue("Block") == <SomeVendorName>) //put here the name of Vendor to be compared with
     Batch.Priority = TProcessingPriority.PP_ExtraHigh;
    logEntry += "Priority" + Batch.Priority;
    catch(System.Exception ex) {
    //todo handle exception t+=ex.Message;
    System.IO.File.AppendAllText(@<path to the log file>, logEntry +"\n");

    The script takes a value from the certain field (in this case it is a Vendor name) and compares it with a specified value. According to the result, the batch priority is set.

  • Send the document to processing using any suitable way - import from HotFolder, Scanning station, etc.

After implementing this scenario we can set a batch priority level depending on a document field value.

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