The FlexiCapture 12 desktop stations crash with the "Internal program error windowawl.ini, 541", "Double internal error! Application terminated" messages.


When working with the FlexiCapture 12 desktop stations the following messages are encountered and station crashes.

Internal program error
d:\build\teamagent\_work\2\s\0\awl\inc\windowawl.ini, 541. Error code: 0x0

Double internal error! Application terminated.


This error is caused by Windows Updates.


The solution to this error is included in FlexiCapture 12 Release 3 Update 1. If you encountered this error, consider updating to the latest release of ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 that is available by the following links.

If the update is not applicable, try the following workaround.

  1. Delete all Windows Updates from 2020. Please pay attention to the following updates first: KB4538674, KB4532693, KB4537759.
  2. Confirm that the error does not reproduce.

After you deleted the Windows Updates and confirmed that the issue does not reproduce anymore, you can try to install Windows Updates again if needed. If the issue will appear again after this, please repeat steps 1 and 2 and disable the installation of the deleted updates. If the Windows Updates are mandatory in your company, please consider updating to the latest release of ABBYY FlexiCapture 12.

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