Updating WIBU license by e-mail from another machine

Note: A file with dongle parameters must be attached to the license update request. If this file is not attached to your message, the license will not be renewed and you will get the "activation request cannot be processed automatically" error message.


Follow the steps below to renew your USB license by e-mail from another computer:

  • Go to the ABBYY License Manager, select your license, click Update
  • Select the option "by e-mail from another computer" and click Next
  • Save dongle parameters file to a file BinaryContent.ABBYY.License by clicking the Save parameters to file... button. 
  • Copy the text with activation request from the License Update Wizard
  • Paste the text into the message body and attach the file BinaryContent.ABBYY.License
    Do not add any additional text to the message body (greetings, signatures, etc)
  • Send the message to product-activation-robot@abbyy.com.
    In a few minutes you will receive a reply with a file that you can use to renew your license.

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