Installing FineReader 15 on a Terminal Server


How to install FineReader 15 on a Terminal Server?


You can install FineReader 15 on Terminal Server if you have Concurrent and Remote user licenses

In the Administrator's Guide it is described how to install concurrent and remote user licenses on a terminal server(s) to which users will connect remotely to run FineReader. The product should be installed on terminal server(s) like on a workstation(s).

Please follow these steps:

1. Download the last build of the distributive package from the following link:
2. Run this downloaded file on a computer/server where the License Server will be installed. Administrative installation point could be created on the same server. 

The License Server and the License Manager can be installed on any computer in the local area network.
Important! A License Server should be deployed on a computer/server that is permanently accessible from all terminal server(s) used for running ABBYY FineReader 15.

Firstly distributive package will be extracted from the archive to a temporary folder (by default it's C:\temp\FR15). Please check before that, if you already have this folder C:\temp\FR15 remove it firstly.

3. After the distributive package is extracted wait for it to start automatically the Autorun wizard or run the AutoRun.exe file from the installation media (C:\temp\FR15).

4. Click Mass Installation >> Install and activate using the License Manager.

5. Follow the instructions of the setup program:
Step 1. Install the License Server and the License Manager
During setup, please use:

  • Create ABBYY FineReader 15 License Server - installs ABBYY FineReader License Server and ABBYY FineReader License Manager. The License Server and the License Manager will be installed on the same computer. You can specify the folder where you want to install the License Manager application.

Important! Add your license(s) to the License Manager before you start ABBYY FineReader 15 on the terminal server(s) (the program installed on the terminal server(s) will receive the license from the License Manager, not from ABBYY server).

Step 2. Create an administrative installation point
When the setup program requests, specify the following:

  • The name of the computer where the License Server was installed on the step 1.
  • The UNC path to the administrative installation folder - use path like \\ServerName\FR15SRV to a shared folder ("FR15SRV" in this example). Create this shared folder before installation. 

Important! Avoid moving the administrative installation folder after ABBYY FineReader is installed on the terminal server(s).

6. Install ABBYY FineReader onto terminal server(s) from the administrative installation point (for interactive installation run Setup.exe from the administrative installation folder - open this folder from the terminal server, find Setup.exe and run it (please use the path like \\ServerName\FR15SRV\Setup.exe as for our example).
7. Restart the Licensing Services on the server (where the License Server is installed):

  1. Press Windows+R buttons.
  2. Type services.msc and press Enter.
  3. Find the ABBYY FineReader Licensing Service in the list of services.
  4. Right-click the service and select Restart from the shortcut menu.

Important! To create master image for further cloning please use only the client part of the software - the terminal server where FineReader was installed from the administrative installation point (\\ServerName\FR15SRV\Setup.exe as for our example) before running ABBYY FineReader on this terminal server. It's important for the Remote User license as this license is assigned to a specific user after the first run.

Please do not log in under the same remote user to several Terminal servers at the same time.

8. Try to run ABBYY FineReader on the terminal server and check whether the license is obtained correctly (no local activation is required, the license should be received from the License Manager).

Repeat p. 6 and 8 for each terminal server or clone systems/servers from the master image.

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