How to change the default value of "Show black and white images" option in Web Verification Station


How to change the default value of the Show black and white images option in Web Verification Station?


When using the Web Verification Station, the image is shown in black and white by default. In order to show it in color, the Verification Operator needs to turn off the related option:

After completing the task and taking another one, the image will be shown in black and white unrelated to what this option was set to when completing, rejecting, or postponing the previous task.

This default behavior can be changed to show the image in color by default. 

This setting is stored in the web.config file which is located in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\FlexiCapture12\Verification.

The needed key is LoadColorPicturesByDefaultits value is set to false by default:
If it's needed to load colored pictures by default, it should be changed to <add key="LoadColorPicturesByDefault" value="true" />.

After the change, it is needed to restart the Web Stations pool in IIS to apply it.

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