Mobile Web Capture Change Log

Below you can find features overview from ABBYY Mobile Web Capture versions.

  1. New options for capture process tuning were added:
    • You can now set a lower limit of the device camera resolution, required for capture from browser (minCameraResolution option)
    • Set preferred resolution of images, captured from video stream, tuning the preferredCameraResolution option
    • Filter images with blurred text or low-text documents from capture or disable this option using enableSharpnessFilter property. This feature is available in a preview mode. Functionality will be improved and completed in future versions.
  2. New ABBYY Mobile Web Capture and ABBYY FlexiCapture integration sample was added. The new sample uses REST API FlexiCapture Cloud and demonstrates how to send captured document to the FlexiCapture Cloud and receive recognized data back on the front-end. See FlexiCapture Cloud REST API Sample section for details.
  3. Distribution structure was changed. See Distribution Kit section for details.
  1. The image crop technology improvement.
  2. User guidance for taking photos:
    • new API for document to view ratio calculating
    • pop-up tips in UI, explaining what to do to capture image.
  3. Apply button is now applying changes to all captured images.
  4. Multi-camera support: choose camera that will be used for capture manually.
  5. Updated and improved UI:
    • appearance optimization for phone, tablet and PC versions
    • new button on the crop view, putting the frame corners to the view corners
    • new button on the crop view, reverting all modifications and returning crop frame to the automatically detected state
    • magnifier, appearing at the page corners tapping
    • modified color theme
    • modified frame design.
  1. The image capture accuracy improvement.
  2. Web Workers support.
  1. ABBYY Mobile Web Capture and ABBYY FlexiCapture integration sample was modified. ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud is now supported as a back-end for the sample, in addition to ABBYY FlexiCapture Application Server.

    See the step-by-step configurations section to investigate required configurations for implementing ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud as a back-end.

  2. The image capture accuracy improvement.

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