Batch sent to the processing using scanning API is not displayed in verification queue


  • When you send batches to processing using scanning API, you cannot see them in verification queue.
  • The same batches has "Verification" as current stage in working batches list.
  • With batches imported from HotFolder or sent to processing from scanning station everything is fine. 
  • Workflow scheme is Simple or Advanced.


Open your API code and find the string where new batch is created using:

int AddNewBatch(int sessionId, int projectId, Batch batch, int ownerId);

Make sure that you are not passing any specific ownerId, other than "0". 

Assigning ownerId to the batch is scenario for workflow with web capture station. There each user shall work only with his own batches, therefore batches are not visible for anyone else.

If it's not the case, please submit a ticket to our technical support.

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