500 Internal Server Error (FC12 Cloud ICaaS (API))


The "500 Internal Server Error" may appear when trying to "Get capture data layout":


GET https://api-eu.flexicapture.com/v2/training/layout/{taskId}/{fileId}


One of the reasons for the "500 Internal Server Error" is that the sample project was not adapted for use with the ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud REST API.


Please follow the instructions from the online-help page: https://help.abbyy.com/en-us/flexicapture/12/cloud/rest_api_sampleproject.
Pay attention to the 4th point: "To enable the training/layout/{taskId}/{fileId} endpoint for your project, you need to export the XML file containing the field data and layout. To do this:...".

If the error still appears please contact ABBYY Technical Support support@abbyy.com and make a full description of your issue and performed troubleshooting.

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