How to avoid slowdown of reading recognized data in FineReader Engine


When reading recognized data from the Layout object by iterating layout blocks, you might get noticeable slowdown.


The issue is caused by overhead of calls, because they use the so-called COM interface. When you use the OutprocLoader to load the FineReader Engine, such overhead may be significant.


There are several approaches to avoid this overhead:

  • Load the FineReader Engine using "naked" way ("Guided Tour" → "Advanced Techniques" → "Programming Aspects" → "Different Ways to Load the Engine Object");
  • Export results to either XML or ALTO format (and then parse if needed).

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    Brian Coe

    Can anybody explain this solution in simple terms, I am no computer expert, and my FR15 has slowed down when recognising a page after alterations, like 10 seconds on the clock.



    Brian Coe


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