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FineReader line unsupported products

Here is the list of unsupported products which belong to FineReader line. In accordance with Product Life Cycle and Technical Support Policy, technical support is not available for the products in this list.

FineReader 12 (except Sprint version)
FineReader 11
FineReader 10 (including Home Edition)
FineReader 9.0 (except Sprint version)
FineReader 8.0
FineReader 7.0 and earlier versions
FineReader 6.0 Sprint
PDF Transformer+
PDF Transformer 3.0
PDF Transformer 2.0
PDF Transformer 1.0
Screenshot Reader 9.0
FineReader for ScanSnap 4.1 for Win
Business Card Reader 2.0 for Windows
Business Card Reader 2.0 Light
FineReader OCR Light
Comparator 1.0
FineReader Sprint 8.0 Mac Edition
FineReader Express for Mac
FineReader 8.0 Sprint for Mac
FineReader for ScanSnap 3.0 for Mac
FineReader for ScanSnap 4.0 for Mac

If your software is no longer supported, you may want to consider updating it to the latest version from the currently available product line-upTo learn more about improvements in the latest version of FineReader compared to the previous versions, visit this page.  

For volume purchase of 5 or more licenses for an organization, please turn to one of our reseller partners worldwide. For purchasing up to 4 licenses, visit our web-shop. 

List of supported products is published by the link.

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