Deploying FineReader PDF 15 in LAN (installation on more than one computer)

Here are the steps to do for installing FineReader PDF 15 in local network (mass installation). You can use it for Concurrent licenses to work in network as well as for Per Seat licenses (to manage them in License Manager). This description is also suitable for Remote licenses (for FineReader PDF 15 only). 

  1. On Server (computer which will be used as License Server and it should be accessible from all workstations by the sever name all the time) please download the distributive package from the link (link for FineReader 14). 
  2. Run the downloaded file ABBYY_FineReader_PDF_15_Multi.exe (ABBYY_FineReader_14_Multi.exe). It will be extracted into temp folder C:\Temp\FR15, after that AutoRun wizard starts automatically.
  3. In AutoRun wizard choose Mass installation -> Install and activate using License Manager -> Step 1. Install the License Server and the License Manager

    During this step you will be able to enter Server name. After that you'll have License Server and License Manager installed on this Server.

  4. Please run ABBYY FineReader 15 Administrative Tools - ABBYY FineReader License Manager, add and activate serial number(s) you've purchased in the License Manager.
  5. On the Server (on the same server where License Server is installed or on any other) create shared folder where Administrative installation point will be created - it should be accessible from all workstations, e. g.: \\Server\FR15SRV. 
  6.  In the AutoRun wizard please complete the next step - Step 2. Create an administrative installation point

    While following Step 2 you'll be able to set Server Name (where License Server is installed) and also UNC path to the shared folder where administrative installation point will be created (use path like \\Server\FR15SRV, where "Server" is name of your Server (it is also shown in License Manager main window)).

  7. After you have completed previous steps you can install FineReader onto workstations.
    Installing ABBYY FineReader on workstations using one of the following methods:
    • manually in interactive mode
  8. If to install FineReader onto a workstation using interactive mode - user on the workstation could open folder \\Server\FR15SRV, run Setup.exe and follow the installation wizard. After this is completed you can run FineReader on the workstation and it should take license from the Server (it shouldn't require the activation!). You'll be able to see in License Manager that status of a license changed to "Running on workstation_name" (for Concurrent licenses) or "Activated on workstation_name" (for Per Seat licenses).

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You could also consult general description in Administrator's Guide 15 (Administrator's Guide 14). 

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