What is a machine-readable zone?

What is a MRZ area in ID documtents

Machine-readable zone (MRZ) is a specific area in some personal or travel documents that contains encoded personal data. The MRZ includes 2 or 3 lines with the OCR-B font text written in accordance with ICAO Document 9303 (ICAO - http://icao.int)


How can the information from MRZ be used

The information in the MRZ area of ID documents can be for example used for automated verification of personal data during immigration. In commercial sector, during onboarding or verification processes, the information in MRZ area on ID documents can be used to quickly enter - or verify - personal data of applicants and clients.

Which ABBYY products support data extraction from MRZ

Several ABBYY products can be used to integrate MRZ capture functionality into own software solutions and mobile apps.

For developers of software solutions:


For developers of mobile apps:


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