Known issues in FlexiCapture 12 Release 3 Update 2

Issues are fixed in the new version of FlexiCapture12 Release3 Update2 Patch1.

Links to download:


Issue 1

"Unprocessed Document" on Verification Station after Clear Analysis Results >> Recognize

In Verification station selecting a matched document, manually running Clear Analysis Results and selecting Recognise results in document showing as "Unprocessed Document".



Issue 2  

Verification Station: Double enter click in data verification mode makes verification data lost

1. In Verification station after running Verification >> run Data Verification we can see fully verified document with saved changes.


One Enter click (or manually expand the document) >> document will be expanded.

Second/Double Enter click >> Verification data will be lost.


2. If you use data verification mode >> complete the task, documents go to the export >> verification data is still being lost and is not being exported.

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