Selecting Parameter Values for PDF Export Scenarios in FineReader Engine

Settings for different PDF export scenarios. Each scenario has several sub scenarios, which are used depending on the PDF document. 


    Compression Quality, Compression Speed, Compressed Size Strategy, Picture Format Set, Image Color Set

    // MinSize
    CQ_Low, CS_Normal, CSS_Minimize, allPdfFormats, allColorities
    CQ_Low, CS_Normal, CSS_Minimize, pdfa1Formats, allColorities

    // MaxSpeed
    CQ_Low, CS_Fast, CSS_Balanced, allPdfFormats, allColorities
    CQ_Low, CS_Fast, CSS_Balanced, pdfa1Formats, allColorities
    // Balanced
    CQ_Medium, CS_Normal, CSS_Balanced, allPdfFormats, allColorities
    CQ_Medium, CS_Normal, CSS_Balanced, pdfa1Formats, allColorities
    CQ_Medium, CS_Normal, CSS_Balanced, allPdfFormats, allColorities
    CQ_Medium, CS_Normal, CSS_Balanced, pdfa1Formats, allColorities

    // HighQuality
    CQ_High, CS_Normal, CSS_Balanced, allPdfFormats, allColorities
    CQ_High, CS_Normal, CSS_Balanced, pdfa1Formats, allColorities
    CQ_Highest, CS_Normal , CSS_Balanced, allPdfFormats, allColorities
    CQ_Highest, CS_Normal , CSS_Balanced, pdfa1Formats, allColorities
    CQ_High, CS_NoMatter, CSS_Minimize, allPdfFormats, allColorities
    CQ_High, CS_NoMatter, CSS_Minimize, pdfa1Formats, allColorities

    // Lossless
    CQ_Highest, CS_Normal, CSS_NoMatter, losslessPdfFormats, allColorities

    // Dithering
    CQ_Low, CS_Normal, CSS_Balanced, bwFormats, CImageColorSet( ICT_BlackWhite )

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