FineReader Engine 12 for Windows Release 4 Update 1

ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 for Windows - Release 4 Update 1

Release Date: 4 December 2019 (public release)

Build Number:

Part Number: 1342.47

The MRZ extraction function was enhanced by new document format enums to accurately attribute extracted data to Optional data and Personal number fields.

In addition,  a new property HasChecksum was added that informs the system, if there is a checksum digit for the whole document data available or not (as not all documents contain checksums).

Enhanced 'Compare Documents' Module

  • The detection of changes in documents that contain text areas within tables as well as outside of tables was further improved by adding the option to compare free-flow text  separatelly from text detected within tables. This option allows to better detect changes in documents that contain some text areas on the page and some text areas inside tables.
  • This new option specifies whether text changes detected within tables should be displayed separately from the text modifications detected in free-flow text.


  • GetEngine function was deprecated in R2 ⇒ To load the Engine object, please use the InitializeEngine function. It provides the unified Engine loading procedure for all license types (including the Online License).
  • Customers updating from previous versions of FineReader Engine such as version 9, 10, or 11 as well as upgrading from FineReader Engine 12 Release 1 to Release 2 and higher who use the GetEngine function would receive an error message if they keep using it in later releases. Please update your code and replace the GetEngine with the InitializeEngine function.
  • License name change: To better reflect its functionality, the license type ‘Cloud License’ was renamed into ‘Online License’ in the R3 for Windows. This license supports deployment in virtual & cloud environments, usage with Docker containers as well as on premise installations.

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