How to use BatchProcessing in the FineReader Engine 11


How to use BatchProcessing in the FineReader Engine 11?


This method should be used for many documents with few pages; the process after assembling is distributed and maintained on 1 core:

//Create Batch Processor
FREngine.BatchProcessor batchProcessor = engine.CreateBatchProcessor();
//Set up mutiprocessing parameters
engine.MultiProcessingParams.RecognitionProcessesCount = numberOfCores;
//Initialize the processor
FREngine.IImageSource imageSource = new CImageSource(); //the class is implemented bu the user
batchProcessor.Start (imageSource, null, null, null);
//Start processing

while (true)
  FREngine.FRPage page = batchProcessor.GetNextProcessedPage();
  if  (page == null)
    {break; // there are no more pages, end of the work
//do smth with page
page.Synthesize (null);
page.Export ("D:\\sample.pdf", FREingene.FileExportFormatEnum.FEF_PDF,null);


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