How to define several recognition languages for FineReader Engine 12


There is a default recognition language ( English ) that FineReader Engine uses during OCR. When you have a document that contains multi-language text, you may need to define several recognition languages. We recommend indicate not more than 3 languages since a larger number of languages decreases the processing speed. For the whole list of supported languages, please refer to the Predefined Languages in ABBYY FineReader Engine article from the Developer`s Help.


  1. Define a method that enables changing languages (below is a C# sample with indicated Russian and English):

    private FREngine.DocumentProcessingParams CreateDocumentProcessingParams(FREngine.IEngine engine)       
      FREngine.DocumentProcessingParams documentProcessingParams = engine.CreateDocumentProcessingParams();
      documentProcessingParams.PageProcessingParams.RecognizerParams.SetPredefinedTextLanguage("Russian, English");   
      return documentProcessingParams;       
  2. Create DocumentProcessingParams that will take the required values:

    FREngine.DocumentProcessingParams docParams = CreateDocumentProcessingParams(engineLoader.Engine);
  3. Process documents and use these parameters:

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