[Fatal Error] :1:1: Content is not allowed in prolog.


The "[Fatal Error] :1:1: Content is not allowed in prolog." error messages appears while launching the Java TestApp from Code Samples of Cloud OCR SDK


This issue might occur if you are using an incorrect Data processing location for your application. 


Each Application registered for your Cloud OCR SDK account is bound to the corresponding processing location. To check the data processing location of your application, please log in to your account and check the Processing Url value under the Dashboard tab. You can find more information about processing locations in the Data processing location article.

Furthermore, if you are using the Java code sample, please check that you have specified the correct URL in the following segment of the code sample (file TestApp.java, lines 24-29):

restClient = new Client();
// replace with 'https://cloud-eu.ocrsdk.com' to enable secure connection
// replace with 'https://cloud-westus.ocrsdk.com' if your application is created in US location
restClient.serverUrl = "http://cloud-eu.ocrsdk.com";

restClient.applicationId = ClientSettings.APPLICATION_ID;
restClient.password = ClientSettings.PASSWORD;


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